District Attorney Capeless addresses law enforcement training
On March 2, 2010, District Attorney David F. Capeless hosted training for all local law enforcement agencies on the Massachusetts Rules of Criminal Procedure Rule 14, mandatory discovery.

The training, which served as a refresher course for departments, examined the changes in the rule from the 2004 amendment applying to law enforcement's responsibility in providing all reports, statements, exhibits and evidence in criminal cases to the District Attorney's Office, which is then responsible for furnishing them to the defense. Given the growing number of cases and the courts' demand for uniform documentation, it is imperative that each department have a clear understanding of the discovery rules and a procedure in place to successfully fulfill the requirements.

The training helped departments understand that all information in police possession is imputed to the District Attorney's Office and therefore must be identified, and it reinforced the need for individual departments to examine their own internal practices for the storage and dissemination of that information consistent with the requirements of Rule 14.