The Berkshire District Attorney’s Youth Advisory Board got into the holiday spirit on December 22nd by using their time and talent to organize an event with seniors in the community.  The Mission Statement of Youth Advisory Board is to engage youth to create and support a positive social environment in our county through education, leadership, and community service.  The Board is made up of representatives from high schools across Berkshire County who work with District Attorney’s staff in the Community Outreach and Education Program, assisting the Office in formulating effective educational, health, and safety outreach and prevention programs.  

The Board   members wanted to do something in the community that involved bringing different generations together to talk about communication, daily life activities, and societal issues then and now, so they joined forces with PineHill Assisted Living for a special holiday breakfast.

The students spent the morning with their new senior friends sharing information and stories, and spreading holiday cheer through song and conversation.  After students had one on one time with the residents, they joined forces with their guitars and voices to entertain the attendees.

Seniors were each given a handmade holiday card.  It was a lovely morning with each group having a positive impact on the other.