Are you prepared for an emergency?  District Attorney David Capeless and Elder Services of Berkshire County want you to be, so they are teaming up in partnership with the Meals on Wheels Program to distribute the File of Life.

If you were injured or suffered from a medical condition that left you confused or unresponsive, would emergency personnel be equipped to provide the best possible medical treatment?  Personal preparedness can minimize the impact should an emergency occur, and having a File of Life on your refrigerator is a simple, proactive step you can take in protecting yourself. 

The File of Life is a red plastic sleeve with a magnetic strip that contains a trifold card on which you can record vital emergency information.  The File of Life enables emergency personnel to obtain a quick medical history when a patient is unable to offer one.  The card lists the patient’s name, emergency contacts and other vital information, including doctors’ names, insurance policy information, current medical conditions, medications, recent surgeries, allergies, comfort care and health care proxy information.  Once completed, the File of Life is placed on the outside of the refrigerator.  Having instant access to medical facts can make the difference when every second counts.

District Attorney Capeless says of the new initiative, “Funding this important outreach program for seniors was an easy decision.  The File of Life is not only helpful to emergency responders but can be a lifesaving tool.  The program provides seniors with the assurance that medical personnel with have the information they need to help them, and that the people closest to them will be called in case of emergency.  Getting this vital prevention tool to seniors is the first step, but making sure seniors have the ability to record and update their information is crucial to its success.  I look forward not only to working with Elder Services in the roll-out of this program, but also in supporting their efforts in putting a follow-up plan in place to provide seniors with the assistance needed in filling out and maintaining their information.” 

The File of Life along with a foil front door decal alerting emergency personnel that a file of life is in place will be distributed to all Meals on Wheels clients.  All new clients will receive the File of Life and decal along with instructions as part of their initial program intake.