On April 26, 2012, a group of students from Nessacus Middle School in Dalton met with District Attorney David F. Capeless at his office.  The students recently completed an 8-week Peer Mentor Leadership Program provided by the District Attorney’s Community Outreach & Education Program.

This Youth Development program supports increased student engagement and offers participants the knowledge and leadership skills to make smart personal decisions, positively influence their peers and contribute to a healthy school culture and climate.

Following their core training program the students worked with their younger peers on positive behavior exercises and also worked with the office to host a Diversity Awareness Fair for the entire school which featured booths designed to raise awareness of physical, learning, economic, racial, cultural and language differences and promote empathy for those who are different in any way.  

While at the District Attorney’s Office students took part in team building exercises and a tour of the office.  They met with District Attorney Capeless, and he answered questions from the students regarding the functioning of the Office, his role as District Attorney, and his education and preparation for the Office.

Before returning to school the students were presented with certificates for the participation in the peer mentor leadership program and celebrated their accomplishments with cake and lemonade.  

The student mentors are:  Katie Bachli, Sam Clayton, Sarah Derouin, Nicole Desmarais, Perin Genaway, Sam Henderson, Ashlee Litchfield, Kyle Noyes, Erica Perrea, Kaitlyn Poplaski, Sam Pyser, Ben Schmitt, Matthew Schneider, Jenna Topping, Connor Washburn, Abby White and Michele Zabian.