The bitter December cold did not deter a group of students, community leaders, parents and school administrators from coming together for the 5 th Annual SADD Candlelight Vigil.

On Monday, December 8, 2008, Berkshire District Attorney David F. Capeless and Mayor James M. Ruberto stood on the steps of Pittsfield High School to support the efforts of the students from Pittsfield and Taconic High Schools as well as Herberg and Reid Middle Schools. The two community leaders applauded the work of this enthusiastic group of young adults in their commitment to spreading the word to their peers and mentors that drinking and driving cannot be condoned. Pittsfield High School SADD President Allison Nichols welcomed the crowd which included local dignitaries, students and parents, coaches and athletes, and community members. As inspiring music played in the background, students read startling statistics relating to drinking alcohol and its effects on teenage brain development as well as the impairment of driving functions.

Included in the words of District Attorney Capeless were his thanks for the recent work of local SADD groups. In November about 50 students joined forces with area businesses in a quest to alert the public that it is against the law to sell alcohol to a minor by participating in a Sticker Shock initiative. Bright stickers, supplied by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), are attached to alcohol products and reminding purchasers that they cannot buy the product for anyone under the age of 21. This initiative, along with Shoulder Taps and Alcohol Purchase Surveys, is one of three currently being coordinated by the Pittsfield Prevention Partnership.