District Attorney's Juvenile Diversion Program

First-time non-violent offenders may qualify to participate in the Cape and Islands District Attorney's Juvenile Diversion Program. This program focuses on holding juveniles accountable for their actions by mandated community service. Participants are referred by local police departments, juvenile probation, clerk magistrates, and school personnel. The juvenile must meet certain criteria to participate, including having no prior criminal record and a willingness to complete all requirements of the program. The juvenile and parent must sign a contract agreeing to perform community service, remain drug and alcohol free, submit to random urine testing, counseling (if appropriate), and payment of restitution. Each juvenile is supervised by a caseworker over a period of six months. If the juvenile successfully completes the requirements of the individualized program, the complaint is dismissed, and there will be no criminal record. If the juvenile does not complete the program, his or her case will proceed to arraignment in the Juvenile Court.

Barnstable County Sheriff's Office Youth Programs

Sheriff's Youth Ranch - The 13-acre town-owned Sheriff's Youth Ranch is home to many programs operated by the Barnstable County Sheriff's Office.

Ropes Course - This adventure-based program focuses on teamwork, communication, problem solving, trust, and self-esteem. The course includes challenging "elements" such as rope climbing at varying heights and physical maneuvers that challenge trust among peers. This course is used by schools, churches, and community-based organizations.   

Youth Academy - This is a twelve-week after-school program designed to challenge 12-16 year-old recruits and help them fulfill personal goals using a para-military model (drill and ceremony), physical challenges, and classroom experience.

Cadet Corps - The Youth Cadet Corps is a program for Youth Academy graduates, which includes community service projects, camping, parades, and career awareness opportunities. This program is committed to supporting participants in a successful transition into adulthood.

Alternative to Suspension Program - This is a collaboration between local schools and the Sheriff's Office. Students who are suspended spend the day at the Youth Ranch. Under the supervision of the Sheriff's staff, the students have a regimented schedule that includes community service, supervised study time, and prevention-oriented workshops. This productive alternative includes visiting the Salvation Army to serve lunch and supervised assistance to the elderly through Housing Authorities. Participants also benefit from "community guests" who share their life experiences.   

Inside - This awareness program is conducted at the Barnstable House of Correction for 12 to 16 students and their parents.

The program includes a prison tour and conversation with prison inmates. Participants learn about the realities of prison life and the life choices the prisoners made that resulted in their ultimate incarceration. Staff and inmates help participants identify and change delinquent behaviors. A juvenile can be referred to the program by the school, police, courts or the District Attorney's Office.

Choices And Consequences

This seminar is a prevention and intervention program which is a coordinated effort between Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the probation department. Each 2 ½-hour seminar includes powerful speakers who have experienced first hand the effects of drunk driving. An inmate from the Barnstable House of Correction who is serving time for a drug or alcohol related offense also speaks to the participants.