For Immediate Release - May 25, 2007

Commonwealth v. Christopher Nassar May 25, 2007

Appeals Court Affirms Convictions of Man Who Preyed on Elderly Cape & Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe announced today that the Appeals Court has affirmed the convictions of Christopher Nassar, 42, of Cummaquid, for a series of armed home invasions targeting elderly residents in Yarmouth and Sandwich during June, 2002. Nassar, and James Kelly, of West Springfield, broke into the homes, terrorized the couples with a gun and a knife, then tied their victims up with extension cords found in the homes. They stole jewelry, heirlooms, silver, cash, and narcotics. The victims were left bound in their homes, and in one case one victim had to bite and chew to free himself in order to assist his wife and notify the police.

Nassar was convicted of six counts of armed robbery while masked, six counts of armed assault in a dwelling, six counts of armed assault with intent to rob, the victim being over 60 years, six counts of kidnapping, three counts of home invasion, one count of burglary and armed assault on an occupant, two counts of breaking and entering in the daytime, placing a person in fear, two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, and one count of larceny of a Class B substance. Nassar was sentenced to four consecutive terms of 15 - 20 years in State Prison, which will require him to serve 60 years before release. James Kelly, who pled guilty to all the charges against him and testified against Nassar, is serving a sentence of 20 - 22 years in State Prison for his role in these home invasions.

In his appeal, Nassar tried to challenge a search of his car that occurred in West Springfield. This challenge had been resolved against Nassar in the Springfield Superior Court, in the course of charges against him in Hampden County. Nassar also challenged the sufficiency of the evidence that he was armed with a handgun during the robberies, and he challenged the judge's jury instructions on evaluating immunized testimony. The Appeals Court, in affirming Nassar's convictions, rejected all of these claims.

The case was tried by First Assistant District Attorney Brian S. Glenny. The appeal was handled by Assistant District Attorney Julia K. Holler.

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