For Immediate Release - September 05, 2006

The Justice Initiative

District Attorney Michael O'Keefe has today released the Report of the Justice Initiative. The Report contains recommendations by the Attorney General and the District Attorneys of Massachusetts in light of the erroneous convictions uncovered largely by DNA testing.

The Report deals with eye witness identification, forensics, training, resources and implementation and continuing review. District Attorney O'Keefe, who heads the Massachusetts District Attorney's subgroup on forensics said, "This report is our response to the erroneous conviction issue. Even though only 15 of approximately 6 million cases prosecuted over the past twenty (20) years have been found to be flawed, it is our responsibility to do what we can to insure that innocent people are not wrongly convicted. Improvements in forensics in the future will be the single most important deterrent to these wrongful convictions, as well as to the swift punishment of the guilty."

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