For Immediate Release - November 24, 2008

Jair R. Amado sentenced to a State's prison for 11-14 years

District Attorney Michael O'Keefe announced today that Barnstable Superior Court Judge Richard F. Connon sentenced Jair R. Amado (d.o.b. 10/21/78) of New Bedford, to a State's prison sentence of 11-14 years committed at MCI Cedar Junction. After trial a jury found Jair R. Amado guilty of Armed Robbery with a Firearm, Armed Assault in a Dwelling with a Firearm, Armed Kidnapping with a Firearm and the Intent to Extort Money, and Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, a handgun.

The charges stem from an incident on the night of April 15, 2007, when armed masked men entered a home on Prince Henry Drive in Falmouth demanding money. The men bound the hands and mouths of five people inside the home with duct tape in a baby's nursery room and threatened them with guns. A three-day-old infant lay in the crib. A 911 call was secretly placed by one of the victims and the open line led the police to the house. The assailants heard the police car and fled in their car. The four men were stopped by the police before the Bourne rotary heading off Cape.

The case was investigated by the Falmouth Police and prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Sharon J. Thibeault.

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