For Immediate Release - October 07, 2015

Garrett Gagne Press Release

   Cape & Islands District Attorney Michael O'Keefe announced today that having received the toxicology reports, the investigation into the death of Garrett Gagne is now complete.

   On Thursday January 1, 2015 @ 0407 hours Chatham Police Officer Christopher Vardakis was driving a 2014 Ford Utility Interceptor, a marked Town of Chatham Police vehicle, south on Crowell Road in Chatham responding to an alarm call. Pedestrian Garrett Gagne (8/11/92) was laying prone in the center of the southbound travel lane in front of #104 Crowell Road.  Mr. Gagne was laying parallel with the center line of the roadway as opposed to perpendicularly.   The Police vehicle traveled over Mr. Gagne, then turned around and stopped facing north in the northbound lane next to Mr. Gagne, who was facing north in the center of the southbound lane. Mr.Gagne was transported to Cape Cod Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 0453 hrs.

   There was no evidence at the scene to suggest Mr. Gagne was struck by another vehicle prior to being struck by the police vehicle. Toxicology tests reveal Mr. Gagne was legally impaired by alcohol and had illicit drugs in his system. The area in which the accident occurred was determined to be pitch dark at the time of the incident.  Mr. Gagne was wearing a dark blue flannel style shirt with white/grey striping, medium tan khaki pants, and dark brown shoes. There were no mechanical defects found in the police vehicle. Collision avoidance analysis would support a conclusion that the collision was unavoidable.