For Immediate Release - April 05, 2016

Ferreira Press Release

             Cape & Island’s District Attorney Michael O’Keefe, Barnstable Police Chief Paul MacDonald and United States Attorney Carmen Ortiz announced today the arrest of three defendants in the death of Christine Ferreira, age 28. The U.S. Attorney will address additional law enforcement activity in connection with this announcement.

Arrested for murder are:          

  • Denzel Chisholm, DOB: 7/19/90, age 25                                   
  • Shannelle Chisholm, DOB: 4/21/89, age 26                   
  • Tyrone Gomes, DOB: 9/17/85, age 30               

            On September 19, 2015, Christine Ferreira was found shot and stabbed numerous times in the east bound rest area between Exits 6 and 7 on Route 6. Christine was found by a concerned citizen at approximately 4:15 A.M. This citizen called 911 after observing a body lying in the roadway of the rest area.  

            State Police dispatched a trooper to the location who assessed the matter as a homicide and took the necessary steps to preserve evidence at the scene.

            The investigation was intense and exhaustive with many agencies participating: The Barnstable Police Department, Yarmouth Police Department, Massachusetts State Police, State Police Crime Lab, Federal Agents and the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

            The evidence would suggest that the victim knew her killers. She was lured to her death in a planned attack. Once at the rest area she was repeatedly stabbed and shot multiple times.

            The defendants will be arraigned on charges of murder in the First District Court of Barnstable in due course.

            The investigation is continuing by the aforementioned agencies.