For Immediate Release - March 03, 2016

Personnel Changes

    District Attorney Michael O’Keefe announced today several personnel changes in the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s Office.

    Assistant District Attorney Michelle Groff achieved a career goal of admission to the F.B.I. Training Academy at Quantico.  Michelle had been a prosecutor in the office since 2007. She started in the District Court, became Chief of the District Court, and later moved to the Superior Court to head the Domestic Violence Unit.

    “We will miss Michelle and wish her the best in her new career. She has achieved a long standing goal and I am very proud of her,” said District Attorney O’Keefe. 

    “While we are sorry to lose Michelle, her leaving creates openings for other talented lawyers in the office to move into new positions of responsibility.

    I am pleased to announce that Chief District Court Prosecutor, Michael Donovan, will move to the Superior Court and Assistant District Attorney Michael Patterson will become Chief of Domestic Violence Prosecution and will be assigned primarily to Superior Court also.

    Assistant District Attorney Dan Higgins, a seven year veteran of the office, will become Chief District Court Prosecutor.

    I am always pleased when Assistant District Attorneys advance their careers either within the office or by moving to another position outside of the office,” said District Attorney O’Keefe.

    These changes will become effective March 7, 2016.