For Immediate Release - September 27, 2017

David Matterson Press Release

Cape & Islands District Attorney Michael O’Keefe announced today that on August 31,  2017 David Matterson  (DOB: 1-8-80) plead guilty to four counts of kidnapping, 3 counts of aggravated rape, 4 counts of home invasion, one count of breaking and entering, 2 counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one count of attempt of assault with intent to commit rape.   Sentencing was continued to September 26th

Judge Gary A. Nickerson sentenced Matterson to 20 - 20 years and a day state prison with ten years probation following the committed sentence.  Terms of probation include a stay away/ no contact with the victims and their families, G.P.S. monitoring, mental health evaluation and counseling, Sex Offender Registry, reimbursement for victims medical and other expenses, as well as a condition to not travel to, nor reside on Nantucket. 

The charges stem from a series of incidents dating back to 2008.  The defendant entered the victims’ homes late at night while they were sleeping, he bound their hands and sexually assaulted them for hours.  The fourth victim was able to fight off the defendant until a roommate startled him.  He fled the house leaving behind a number of items used in the attack.  These items aided the police in identifying the defendant, who wore a mask during the assaults.  Upon retrieving a soup spoon discarded by the defendant at a local eatery on Nantucket, the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory was able to develop a DNA profile of the defendant.  This profile matched items recovered from the other crime scenes. 

“At the sentencing, one of the victims spoke about her ordeal, ‘I always tell myself that what this man did to me will never define me.  It’s simply something that happened to me.  This is no more than a chapter in my book, and today that chapter ends.’

 Although this signifies what the end of this case meant to this particular victim, it can also be said by the prosecutor and many police officers who worked on this very difficult case,” said District Attorney Michael O’Keefe. 

The case was investigated by the Nantucket Police Department. 

The case was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Tara L. Miltimore.