A Letter from the District Attorney

As District Attorney, I have seen a need to put together a team of professionals from legal, police and social service agencies to deal with the problem of child abuse. The Child Abuse Response Effort is my response on the Cape and Islands to this tragedy and to that need.

The C.A.R.E. Team will be involved with each case reported and achieve closer coordination between law enforcement and social service agencies, prosecution and child protection. As we proceed, we expect to learn, to evolve, and to develop improved methods if dealing with what may well be the most neglected and unreported crime of this century.

But the C.A.R.E. Team is only as good as the information it gets. CARE enough to report suspected child abuse.

What the CARE Team Provides

  • Experienced prosecutors to handle cases involving alleged child abuse.
  • Experienced investigators providing an early response to reports of child abuse.
  • A coordinated effort between law enforcement and social service agencies in responding to and assisting victimized children and their families.
  • Specialized victim/witness assistants to guide the victim and the family through the court process.
  • Follow-up services as needed provided by the victim/witness assistant regardless of the ultimate legal outcome of the case.

Reporting Child Abuse

Information about reporting child abuse and the professions where people must report child abuse.