The Cape and Islands District Attorney's Office Domestic Violence Unit is committed to the aggressive vertical prosecution of misdemeanor and felony domestic violence cases. The use of victim /witness personnel with all victims of misdemeanor domestic violence is intended to increase positive dispositions through strong victim support and encouragement. We also work to impact public policy, increase public awareness, and develop community-based responses to domestic violence. Domestic violence is not a private family matter. It is not simply the result of alcohol or drugs. Domestic violence is most often learned criminal behavior which society must condemn. Through early intervention of community-based programs, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system domestic violence will be reduced with an overall reduction of other criminal behavior.


Introduction and history behind how the Domestic Violence Unit started.

Definitions of Domestic Violence

Information pertaining to the definition of domestic violence and the goal the prosecution has to prevent it.

Who is the Offender?

Information about what signs to look for and who offenders are in domestic violence cases.

Who is the Victim?

Information about how to identify who the victims are in domestic violence cases.