Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth

Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth


Leadership Team

Julian Dormitzer, Chair
Michel Anteby, Vice Chair
Vilma Uribe, Vice Chair


Commission Members
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    To apply to become a Commission member click here. New member applications are posted by August 1 of each year.

    Coco Alinsug
    Miranda Balkin
    Aliya Bean
    Jesse Blue Glass Begenyi
    Roger Bourgeois
    Zac Brokenrope
    Nai Collymore-Henry
    Kristin Comment
    Julian Cyr
    Lee Doyle
    Dan English
    Paul Gels
    Frank Giuliano
    Zuleny Gonzalez
    Sasha Goodfriend
    Scott Hadland
    Susan Hollins
    Nicolas John
    Harold Jones
    Rachel Kahn
    Stewart Landers
    Allen Lin
    Mark Mettler
    Alexander Nally
    Brett Nava-Coulter
    Daniel J. O'Donoghue
    Susan Rees
    Jonathan Reveil
    Calvin Ridley
    Erika Rickard
    Deborah Shields
    Kelly Simon
    Grace Sterling Stowell
    Colby Swettberg
    Phil Veysey
    Lawrence Vinson
    Alexander Walker
    Rachel Wallack
    Ashley Waterberg
    Jess Weaver
    Dominique Wilkins
    Alex Zafris