Our Mission

The Massachusetts Commission on GLBT Youth is established by law as an independent agency of the Commonwealth to recommend and advocate to all branches of state government effective policies, programs, and resources for GLBT youth to thrive.
The Commission was created by the General Court in an Act of Jul. 1, 2006, ch. 139, §4, codified in Mass. Gen. Laws ch. 3, §67 (2006).

Our Values

We value diversity and inclusion in our membership; we value all voices in pursuit of our mission, especially the critical voices of youth.

We are guided by the principles of social justice, and honor the multiple and intersecting components of individuals' identities.

We act with a deep respect for one another, for our communities, for those we serve, and for those with whom we collaborate.

We strive to achieve measurable improvements in the quality of life for GLBT youth in Massachusetts and beyond.