• Commissions & Initiatives

    This area of the CHIA website contains links to several current and historical initiatives including the Statewide Quality Advisory Committee, (SQAC), the Special Commission on Provider Price Reform, and the Special Commission on the Health Care Payment System.

  • Mandated Benefit Reviews

    Massachusetts General Laws, chapter 3, section 38C requires the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) to review and evaluate the potential fiscal impact of each mandated benefit bill referred to the agency by a legislative committee. This section of the CHIA website contains current and historical information about these reviews.

  • Regulations

    This section of the CHIA website contains a single page of all CHIA notices public hearings and public comments, regulations, and administrative bulletins.

  • Social Media

    This area of the website provides access to CHIA's social media efforts including Twitter and our recent email notifications. You can also sign up to receive occasional emails concerning CHIA's latest publications, news, and events.

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