• Statewide Quality Advisory Committee

    The mission of the Statewide Quality Advisory Committee (SQAC) is to advise all branches of state government regarding the alignment of health care performance metrics and the efficient collection and uniform reporting of the Standard Quality Measure Set in order to support improvement in the health status of the residents of the Commonwealth.
  • Special Commission on Provider Price Reform

    This Special Commission was a statutory requirement created in the Small Business Health Care Cost Containment legislation of 2010 - Section 67 of Chapter 288 of the Acts of 2010. The Commission was charged with investigating the rising cost of health care insurance and the impact of reimbursement rates paid by health insurers to providers. In addition, the Commission was required to examine policies aimed at enhancing competition, fairness and cost-effectiveness in the health care market though the reduction of reimbursement disparities.

  • Task Force on Behavioral Health Data Policies and Long-Term Stays

    There shall be a special task force convened to identify existing structural or policy-based impediments to delivering comprehensive and cost-effective behavioral and mental health treatment within the commonwealth's health care system.

  • Special Commission on the Health Care Payment System

    As required under Section 44 of the Acts of 2008, the Special Commission must investigate reforming and restructuring the payment system to provide incentives for efficient and effective patient-centered care and to reduce variations in the quality and cost of care.