Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about Center for Health Information and Analysis. CHIA was created to provide a foundation of high quality data and analysis for the systematic improvement of health care access and delivery in Massachusetts. 

Today, our dedicated, skilled staff collects a broad and diverse array of data from across the Commonwealth’s health care landscape, and uses this data to illuminate the opportunities and challenges facing us.

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CHIA's goal is to perform to the highest standards of transparency, reliability, and objectivity. Please let us know if we are succeeding – comprehensive reform of the Massachusetts health care system will only be possible with the shared contributions of a wide variety of partners inside and outside state government.

We are also actively working to earn a strong reputation as a great place to work and build a career. To this end, we are currently hiring, and we encourage you to apply for any of our available positions.  

We hope you’ll join us as part of the effort.

- Áron