• All-Payer Claims Database

    The APCD is comprised of medical, pharmacy, and dental claims, as well as information about member eligibility, benefit design, and providers for all payers covering Massachusetts residents. The APCD streamlines required data submissions for payers and also affords a deep understanding of the Massachusetts health care system by providing access to timely, comprehensive, and detailed data. The recently released APCD will be an essential tool to improve quality, reducing costs, and promote transparency. 

  • Acute Hospital Case Mix Databases

    The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) collects patient-level data for Massachusetts acute care hospital inpatients, observation patients, and emergency room patients to support CHIA's analyses of such issues as preventable hospitalizations, hospital market analysis, alternative care settings, the patient care continuum, and comparative costs and outcomes in acute care hospitals.

  • Hospital Financial Performance

    CHIA's Massachusetts hospital financial performance information includes annual and quarterly reports with aggregate data and individual hospital fact sheets for Massachusetts hospitals, as well as disproportionate share hospitals designations.

  • Hospital and Community Health Center Cost Report Databases

    The Hospital and Community Health Center Cost Report Databases section includes an overview of the Hospital Cost Report and Community Health Center Cost Report databases.
  • Hospital Summary Utilization Data

    Previously, the Division of Health Care Finance and Policy, the predecessor to CHIA, published the Hospital Summary Utilization Data Files (HSUDF).  These summary files were based on the following datasets – hospital discharge, outpatient observation visit, Emergency Department visit and 403 Cost Reports.  Release of these summary data files has been discontinued.  Files for FY 2005-FY 2010 are available from CHIA upon request by contacting the Center's public records office at public.records@state.ma.us.

  • Information About Massachusetts Hospitals

    Hospitals play a central role in the Massachusetts health care system, and are critical to achieving the Commonwealth’s goals of controlling costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care delivered. The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) monitors and provides meaningful analysis on hospitals in the Commonwealth for those seeking to improve health care quality, affordability, access and outcomes. 

  • Statewide and Regional Hospital Services

  • Long Term Care Databases

    The Long Term Care Databases section contains information about nursing home and rest home cost reports; patient day and final rate listing files; and the provider history file.
  • Payer Data Reporting

    The Center is required under M.G.L. c. 12C to collect and report on Health Status Adjusted Total Medical Expenses (TME), Relative Prices (RP), Alternative Payment Methods (APM), and Provider Payment Methods (PPM). Regulation 957 CMR 2.00 governs the methodology and filing requirements for health care payers to calculate and report TME, RP, APM, and PPM data pursuant to M.G.L. c. 12C.