Hospital Cost Report Database

The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) requires Massachusetts acute care hospitals to submit a cost report each fiscal year. These reports are used by the Center for regulatory, policy development, monitoring and informational purposes. The report contains aggregate fiscal year hospital data, including:

  • Total expenses by overhead, ancillary, routine inpatient and routine outpatient departments;
  • Departmental expense breakouts by salaries and wages, physician compensation, purchased services, supplies and expenses, and major movable equipment depreciation;
  • Gross revenues by ancillary, inpatient routine and outpatient routine departments;
  • Statistics (including beds, patient days, admissions, discharges, occupancy and length of stay) by routine inpatient and outpatient departments;
  • Statistics by overhead and ancillary departments;
  • Gross and net patient service revenues by payer.

Community Health Center Cost Report Database

This database, primarily used for pricing, contains yearly cost report information. The database also includes cost utilization and revenue data by provider.

Access to these databases is available by submitting a public records request form. or Contact CHIA for more information