Massachusetts Hospital Profiles - Data through Fiscal Year 2012 provides descriptive and comparative information on acute and non-acute hospitals based on hospital characteristics, services, payer mix, utilization trends, cost trends, and financial performance over a five-year period (FY2008 – FY2012). The Summary Report provides an overview of the Massachusetts hospital industry and includes statewide and national information where possible for comparison and context to further understanding of Massachusetts hospitals. The individual hospital profiles provide information for each of the acute and  non-acute hospitals in the Commonwealth. Additionally, the Center assigned hospitals to one of the following cohorts for comparative purposes within the individual profiles: Academic Medical Centers, Teaching Hospitals, Community Hospitals, and Community –Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH).  The four acute hospital cohort profiles provide information on each of these cohorts, with other hospital information included for comparative purposes.

The initial series of reports: