• Overview

    The Center of Health Information and Analysis (Center) is required under M.G.L. c. 12C to collect and report on Health Status Adjusted Total Medical Expenses (TME); Relative Prices (RP), including the annual rate of growth of average RP; Alternative Payment Methods (APM); and Provider Payment Methods (PPM). Regulation 957 CMR 2.00 governs the methodology and filing requirements for health care payers to calculate and report TME, RP, APM, and PPM data to the Center.
  • Monthly Commercial Enrollment Reporting: ALL MA COMMERCIAL PAYERS (Starting May 2014)

    The Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) is requesting total monthly commercial enrollment counts from all payers insuring Massachusetts residents.  This monthly data request, commencing May 2014, will improve the Commonwealth’s understanding of coverage changes due to the implementation of provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  CHIA requests the Excel spreadsheet (link below) be completed and sent to CHIA liaisons each month.  There is no need for payers to use SENDS+ or INET for submissions, as only aggregate data will be reported.  If your insurer does not have, or is unaware of, an assigned liaison, or if you have any questions on this request, please contact Kathy Hines at Kathy.Hines@state.ma.us.  This spreadsheet may be used each month of the reporting period.

    This monthly submission is due to CHIA by the 21st of every month unless otherwise noted on the spreadsheet.

    ALSO NOTE:  With the implementation of this request, CHIA is eliminating the Quarterly Enrollment Report submissions, effective immediately.

  • List of Payers Required to Report Data

    This page contains a listing of the Private Insurance Companies, the Medicaid Managed Care organizations and Government entities required to report data to the Center for Health Information and Analysis.
  • Payer Data Reporting Filing Schedule

    This page contains the filing schedule for 2014.

  • Filing Information

    This link will take you to the CHIA-INET reporting tool, where you can also find the INET Registration Form, and INET Web Application User Guides.

  • Filing Instructions and Supporting Documents

    Please also see recent CHIA Administrative Bulletins 14.02 and 14.03 for further information. 

  • Technical Assistance and Contact Information

    See information regarding technical assistance conference calls and how to contact CHIA for specific Payer Data Reporting help.