In accordance with 957 CMR 2.00, the Center for Health Information and Analysis (CHIA) collects data from Massachusetts health care payers on Total Medical Expenses (TME) and Relative Prices (RP). To ensure data quality and accuracy, CHIA conducts the following data validation process with all data submitters:

    • TME and RP files are submitted to CHIA electronically through CHIA’s INET program.
    • Payers then receive a PDF return report showing the submitted data in text format with a calculation summary for the relevant files, and any formatting errors.
    • CHIA staff work directly with payers to troubleshoot questions with data content and to resolve formatting errors.
    • Once the payer agrees with the calculation summary, and the file is formatted properly, the payer’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or equivalent must sign a certification form and return it to CHIA. CHIA requests that payers certify within 10 days of receiving the results of their data submission.
    • After the payer certifies its data, CHIA sends the data report to its actuarial consultant who conducts a preliminary review of the data and raises any data quality issues to CHIA staff. CHIA staff work directly with payers to troubleshoot the issues. 
    • After the consultant analyzes the data, CHIA conducts another review of the data and contacts payers for clarification if there are any discrepancies or abnormalities, and if results appear inconsistent with comparable data sets.
    • CHIA staff then complete the analytics and compile a report.
    • At least ten days before an anticipated publication date, CHIA sends summary data to affected providers for review to provide them with an opportunity to address any data concerns with the payers. The same information is also sent to the payers at this time.
    • CHIA further refines the data based on the payer and provider reviews and finalizes the report for publication.