Payer Data Reporting Instructions and Supporting Materials

Data Specification Manuals

Total Medical Expenses Data Specification Manual

PDF pdf format of    data-spec-manual-tme.pdf  | Word docx format of    data-spec-manual-tme.docx

Relative Prices Data Specification Manual

PDF pdf format of    data-spec-manual-rp.pdf  | Word docx format of    data-spec-manual-rp.docx

Alternative Payment Methods Data Specification Manual

PDF pdf format of    data-spec-manual-apm.pdf  | Word docx format of    data-spec-manual-apm.docx

Provider Payment Methods Data Specification Manual

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Network Average Dollar Amount

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Reference Materials

Standardized Physician Group OrgID List 
(For reference purposes only)

Excel xlsx format of    physician-group-orgid-list.xlsx

Uniform Provider OrgID List

Excel xlsx format of    uniform-provider-orgIid-list.xlsx

Massachusetts Zip Codes

Excel xlsx format of    Massachusetts Zip Code List for Data Filings.xls


Calculation Examples

Total Medical Expenses Calculation Example

Excel xlsx format of    example-tme-calculation.xlsx

Relative Prices Calculation ExampleExcel xlsx format of    example-rp-calculation.xlsx
Alternative Payment Methods Data Example

Excel xlsx format of    example-apm-calculation.xlsx

Network Average Dollar Amount Calculation Example

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Questions and Contact

For any questions related to Payer Data Reporting please email the Center for Health Information and Analysis at