• Health Care Cost Trends Preliminary Reports

    The preliminary reports contain data on Massachusetts premium trends and health spending trends from 2007 through 2009.
  • Health Care Cost Trends Public Hearings

    The Division held public hearings in a four-day series of hearings in June 2011 at Bunker Hill Community College. State officials, health care policy experts, health care delivery system stakeholders, and members of the public attended the hearings. The public hearing notice, full agenda, presentations, and recordings of the hearings are available.
  • Health Care Cost Trends Witness Testimony

    The Division, in collaboration with the Attorney General's Office, has identified witnesses to serve as a representative sample of providers and payers from across Massachusetts. This page contains the mailed correspondence to those witnesses.
  • Health Care Cost Trends Final Report links to PDF file

    The final report contains a summary of the public hearing held in June 2011, and recommendations for future cost containment policies. ( Word doc format of cost-trends-final-report-2011.doc