Whenever you see children interacting and learning in enriching environments, what you’re really seeing is brain building in progress. The latest science shows that these early experiences actually build the architecture of the developing brain; much like a house is built from the bottom up. Each sequential step lays the groundwork for the next set of skills — like reading and math — and a lifetime of learning, success and productive, responsible citizenship.

Celebrate Brain Building during the Week of the Young Child!  It will provide an opportunity for everyone who cares about children to learn about the science of brain building and why our future depends on it.  

There are so many ways you can participate.  You can celebrate in your program as well as collaborate with local businesses, community organizations, elected officials, libraries, schools, museums, pediatricians, community health centers, colleges and universities to engage as many people as possible.

Click here to get more fun and easy ideas on how to participate.

Learn more about Brain Building in Progress at BrainBuildingInProgress.org.