photo of smiling kids

This April, we renew our commitment to raise our children free from abuse and neglect. Communities, state agencies and private organizations remind themselves and each other that we all must work together to strengthen families and keep children safe.

The Children’s Trust (CT) is a leader in in the Commonwealth’s efforts to prevent child abuse and neglect. CT ensures that parents and caregivers have the skills and knowledge necessary to raise safe and healthy children. Whether it is a home visitor mentoring a young parent, a parenting class to address how to calm a crying baby, or seminars offering expertise in parenting education, CT programs support parents and strengthen families in their communities.

The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the Massachusetts state agency responsible for protecting children from abuse and neglect. Visit the DCF website to learn more about their work and to learn the warning signs that a child may be suffering from abuse or neglect and for information on how to report a suspected case.

For more information on National Child Abuse Prevention Month, visit