As The Child Advocate and the OCA staff learn of fatalities and serious injuries through reviewing critical incidents and by participating in child fatality review team meetings, we are confronted with the question of how to protect our young from the violence that claims so many of their lives.   In 2010 the OCA received four critical incident reports of children and youth receiving EOHHS services who were killed by guns and nine reports of nonfatal gunshot wounds; an additional youth was wounded by a knife.  Twenty-one critical incident reports document the trajectories of youth who have returned to the community after successful stays in programs or facilities, only to be caught up again in violence as a perpetrator.  Vulnerable communities need strategies and support to give their children and youth a better chance for a bright future.  Governor Patrick has identified youth violence as one of his top priorities during his second administration.  The Massachusetts Safe and Successful Youth Initiative was launched in May 2011 to address youth violence and promote peaceful communities.  The Child Advocate shares the Governor’s sense of urgency to address this issue and is a member of the Governor’s Advisory Committee to the Massachusetts Safe and Successful Youth Initiative.