The Child Welfare Law of 2008 requires that all mandated reporters who are professionally licensed by the Commonwealth c omplete training to recognize and report suspected child abuse and neglect.  This requirement became effective January 1, 2010.  Since the passage of the legislation in 2008, the OCA has advocated for the development and implementation of an online mandated reporter training (OMRT) program that would provide a standardized curriculum and consistent message to mandated reporters regarding their reporting obligations.  Unified training is critical to ensure that all mandated reporters in Massachusetts properly recognize, report, and respond to suspected abuse and neglect of children. 

The OCA envisions an OMRT program that would:

  • Outline the obligations of mandated reporters
  • Set the town for trauma-informed intervention
  • Offer a user-friendly format at minimal or no cost
  • Satisfy the requirement that a licensed mandated reporter receive training

:  An online training that meets the legislative requirement should be available to mandated reporters.  The training should be built upon a standardized, state-approved curriculum that educates mandated reporters about their duties to report suspected child abuse and neglect and introduces the principles of trauma-informed care.