Headshot of Gail Garinger, Child Advocate

Gail Garinger was appointed as The Child Advocate for the Commonwealth on April 28, 2008. Before her appointment, she served as a juvenile court judge for thirteen years, and from 2001-2008 she was the First Justice of the Middlesex County Division of the Juvenile Court Department. Prior to becoming a judge, Child Advocate Garinger served as General Counsel at Children’s Hospital Boston. During that time, she also directed an NIMH-funded research project at The Judge Baker Guidance Center investigating decision making in the handling of child abuse and neglect cases. Additionally, she has experience in private practice, specializing in children’s health and welfare law and representing providers, parents and children. In her new role, Child Advocate Garinger will draw on her extensive experience as an attorney, a judge, and a parent of three children.

"I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to work with the state agencies charged with protecting children and promoting their health and welfare," says Child Advocate Garinger. "I have tremendous respect for the hard-working women and men within those agencies and offices. My goal and challenge as The Child Advocate is to help coordinate their efforts to improve the provision of services and to ensure the safety of all children in Massachusetts."