For Immediate Release - May 07, 2002

CJC Files Formal Charges Against Judge Maria I. Lopez

BOSTON, MA (May 7, 2002) - Formal Charges have today been filed with the Supreme Judicial Court against Judge Maria I. Lopez, Associate Justice of the Superior Court Department, arising from 63 complaints, Numbers 2000-110, et. seq., which were filed against her. Judge Lopez's response to the Formal Charges has also been filed with the Supreme Judicial Court. Copies of both documents are attached.

The Commission has asked the Supreme Judicial Court to appoint a Hearing Officer to preside at the Public Hearing of these matters. The Commission will then schedule the Hearing to take place in thirty to sixty days after that appointment, in accordance with G.L. c.211C and Commission Rule 8. Copies of the Commission's statute and Rules are also attached.

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