• Budgets and Accounts Management

    Resources to assist and educate departments with budgeting and accounts management within the MMARS system.
  • Capital (Fixed) Assets

    Capital (Fixed) Assets are defined as all tangible property owned by the Commonwealth (real and personal) with a useful life of more than one year such as land, buildings, computer software and systems, landmarks, infrastructure and equipment.
  • Contracts

    Resources to assist and educate departments with processing encumbrances and filing contracts, grants, subsidies, interdepartmental service agreements (ISA's) and interdepartmental chargebacks (internal business) in MMARS.
  • Federal Grants and Cost Allocation

    Resources for departments to track accounting activity associated with the receipt of a federal grant.
  • Information Delivery

    Information Delivery is a central reference and repository on MMARS Information Delivery. Departments should look to this web page for new and necessary Information Delivery essentials. Departments should consider it an up-to-date source and link to additional assistance, as the Office of the Comptroller and partner departments work together in the next generation of Procurement processing in MMARS.
  • Non-Tax Revenue

    Resources to assist and educate departments with managing all aspects of revenue collection, reconciliation and reporting.
  • Payee (Vendor and Customer)

    Resources to assist and educate departments on establishing and maintaining vendor and customer relationships in MMARS.
  • Payments

    Resources to assist and educate departments with managing all payments issued through MMARS.
  • Payroll Information for Employees

  • Payroll and LCM for System Users

    Information for departments on all aspects of payroll and labor cost management.
  • Risk Management

    The Statewide Risk Management Team (SRMT) uses data analytics to identify risks in the business activities for which the Office of the Comptroller (CTR) has oversight, recommends mitigating controls for such risks, and ultimately protects against fraud, waste and abuse. SRMT also works with departments to ensure Comptroller regulations, policies and procedures are followed for Commonwealth fiscal, business and administrative enterprises. SRMT has six areas of responsibilities:

    (1) Risk Mitigation, (2) Internal Control guidance, review and assistance, (3) Statewide and Single Audit Coordination, (4) CTR Internal Audit, (5) Enterprise System Security Administration, and (6) Departmental Quality Assurance Reviews.