The following guidance should be provided to all staff involved with 9C reductions including Chief Fiscal Officers (CFOs), General Counsels, Fiscal, Contract and Program Staff and MMARs Liaisons. Departments subject to the 9C reductions are required to comply with this guidance.  Departments are cautioned not to move expenditures or obligations from operating to trust, federal or capital accounts, to avoid or mitigate 9C reductions, including payroll, unless these obligations and expenditures are appropriate for these fund types and in compliance with state finance law and policies and procedures issued by the Office of the Comptroller.  

9C Contract Reductions (To View and Print) pdf format of 9C Contract Reductions

Amendments, Suspensions, or Terminations doc format of po_procon_amendments_suspen_term.doc
pdf format of                             Amendments Suspensions Terminations                [See Addendum at end for Specific Guidance on 9C]