• Debt Collector Services

    In accordance with   815 CMR 9.00: Debt Collection and Intercept  doc format of 815 CMR 9.00: Debt Collection and Intercept
Departments are responsible for making diligent efforts to collect accounts receivable.  Departments should be in compliance with the Accounts Receivable policy that pertains to a debt that is less than 120 days overdue.  The Office of the Comptroller, with designation from the Operational Services Division, administers Statewide Contract (SWC) PRF55Designated OSC – Debt Collector Services. There are six awarded Debt Collection Agencies (DCAs) on the SWC for Debt Collector Services.  The duration of the SWC is a three-year period, starting on February 1, 2013 with an expiration of January 31, 2016 (with an additional two option years).

  • Electronic Revenue and Payment Collection, and Associated Data Security

    Resources to inform and assist Commonwealth entities to implement electronic revenue and payment collection solutions, including electronic payments on the web and at the point of sale (i.e., ACH, credit cards, and debit cards), lockbox processing, and data security related to sensitive personally identifiable data belonging to Commonwealth constituents utilizing state services.  Electronic payments are managed by the e-Payments SWC PRF44DesignatedOSC; Lockbox services are managed by the State Treasurer’s Office SWC for Lockbox and ACH Credit/Debit Services and Payment Collection Data Security is managed by PRF56DesignatedOSC and the Payment Collection Data Security Policy. 

  • Intercept Web Application

    Intercept is authorized by M.G.L. c. 7A, § 3 and M.G.L. c. 7A §18.  Intercept is an automated process that matches eligible payments to delinquent debt for individuals and organizations that function both as vendors for and customers of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  Currently, the Commonwealth satisfies debts owed to the state by offsetting payments from the Massachusetts Management and Accounting Reporting System (MMARS) disbursement process,  the Massachusetts Department of Revenue’s (DOR) MASSTAX system for individual state income tax refunds and the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission (LOT) winning payouts over $600.  The Commonwealth continues to pursue the expansion of the intercept process to include additional payment systems and incorporate new debt types.

    The intercept process began in 1995, and is used by entities of the Commonwealth to assist them in collecting payments to satisfy delinquent debt.  To date, over $100 million in payments have been intercepted to relieve delinquent debt owed to the Commonwealth.

  • Reference Material

    Resources to assist and educate Departments with managing all aspects of revenue collection, reconciliation and reporting.

  • Related Policies and Compliance Documents

    Applicable Regulations, Massachusetts General Laws, and CTR Policies that provide guidance to Departments with managing all aspects of revenue collection, reconciliation and reporting.