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HR/CMS 2017 Pay Calendar
HR/CMS 2016 Pay Calendar
HR/CMS 2015 Pay Calendar
Legal Holidays
Deduction Frequency  doc format of Deduction Frequency

HR/CMS Security Information
HR/CMS Deferred Compensation Refund Process doc format of hrcms_contrib_refund.doc

Account Codes
Accounts are loaded into HR/CMS every night. The following must be set-up in MMARS to ensure the account is eligible for selection:

  • Payroll Indicator is checked on APPR table
  • The necessary Budget has been set-up (ANF loads "BG" documents directly to MMARS)

HR/CMS Interface Policy  doc format of HR/CMS Interface Policy
pdf format of                             hrcms-interface-po.pdf
Payroll Deductions: Special Insurance Vendors doc format of special_ins_hrcms.doc
Understanding Your Pay Advice
View Balances
View Paycheck

Time Reporting Codes and Earnings CodesEarnings Subject to Retirement Calculations xls format of subj_to_ret.xls

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