The Official Website of the Comptroller of the Commonwealth (CTR)

Payroll Information

A listing of current everyday payroll topics with related memos, job aids, and other information.
  • 403B Tax Shelter Annuities

    Information for employees and select departments regarding eligibility and options for the tax-deferred savings plan.
  • Deceased Employee Payments links to Word file

    Job aid containing instructions on how to process final payments for earned wages, leave buyouts, and lump sum payments; and how to process payments made in a calendar year following an employee's death.
  • Direct Deposit Stops

    For emergencies TRE can attempt to stop a direct deposit if notified 2 days prior to the HRCMS deposit date (deposit date is usually the Friday Payday).

    Otherwise most Reversals of Direct Deposits take about 10 days before TRE can reissue the payment.

  • Interchange Web Portal Quick Start Guide  doc format of Interchange Web Portal Quick Start Guide

  • Mass Update of Compensation  docx format of Mass Update of Compensation

  • Medicare

    Contains links to three documents: 1) the Comptroller's Medicare Tax policy, 2) guidelines to assist departments in determining an employee's Medicare tax status, and 3) an explanation of the HMTAX010 Medicare report which lists employee IDs that have inconsistent Medicare status during the calendar year.
  • Military Pay

    Implementation instructions and related documents regarding pay and other benefits for state employees called up for active military duty, and tax information for members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • New Hires

    Reminder of forms that need to be completed upon hire and verification of SSN# and tax statuses.
  • Transportation Benefits

    Information on parking, transit, and car benefits.
  • Receipt Vouchers

    Receipt Vouchers are recoupments or payments back to the Payroll System to correct employee earnings, tax, and other balances.
  • Reimbursements

    Payments to employees for job-related expenses only.
  • Settlements and Judgments

  • Treasury-Related Items

    A variety of items and activities the Department of the Treasury is responsible for pertaining to payroll, including instructions on how to stop payment on a check or direct deposit, the prenote process for direct deposit, and more.