Check Printing/Sorting

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Delivery of Checks Held for Insufficient Funds

When a check gets held and released by CTR, TRE/mailroom will try to bundle the newly funded with the rest of the depatrment's checks ...if for any reason they miss the department's package, the newly funded checks will be sent by mail to the Home Address.

For special delivery arrangements departments should contact the Treasury 617-660-5004.

Direct Deposit Stops

For emergencies TRE can attempt to stop a direct deposit if notified prior to the deposit date. A provisional credit is given for the money but it takes 10 business days before TRE can reissue the payment.

Employees vs. Vendors/Garn Payees

Employees - 10 calendar days vs. Vendors & Payees - 10 weekdays These interfaces are separate for Employees and Payees and run at different intervals.

The 'general rule of thumb' is a direct deposit will generate based on the following...

The employee direct deposit is entered/modified by Friday of Pay Period Week 1 (also considered the payweek of the prior period). The Payee/Vendor direct deposit is entered/modified by Wednesday of Pay Period Week 1.

Limitations on Post-Retirement Earnings

On behalf of the State Retirement Board, as requested by the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission, PERAC, a notice doc format of post-retirement_memo.doc
has been issued regarding "Limitations on Post Retirement Earnings".

Pay Advice Delivery Options doc format of pay_del_opt.doc

Savings Bonds

Questions about bonds should be directed to Cash Management at the Treasury at 617 367-3900 X 591.

Stop Payments

When a check is lost, the state agency should send a written stop payment and reissue request to the State Treasurer's Stop Payment Department. The state agency should not replace the check, the check will be stopped and reissued by the Treasury. All stop payment request must be in writing and include the check number, date, amount, payee name, social security number/ vendor code and a self addressed envelope. If takes between five and ten business days to have a check replaced.