• Comptroller of the Commonwealth

    Welcome to CTHRU: The Comptroller of the Commonwealth’s New Open Records Platform For Financial Information!

    CTHRU is designed to provide an intuitive experience for exploring where our tax dollars are utilized and is available 24/7. The visualizations and tables are all highly interactive and we invite you to explore. As stewards of the Commonwealth’s financial data, the Office of the Comptroller is committed to expanding transparency in the utilization of public funds and we hope you will agree that this is a great step in that direction.

    In the meantime, you will note links on this page and throughout CTHRU to the Commonwealth’s Open Checkbook site. While information on spending and payroll in CTHRU is more intuitive and provides greater detail in an open data format, the Open Checkbook currently provides additional data (retiree pensions, tax credits, and authority spending) that has not yet been migrated to CTHRU – please visit often as we expand the system to accommodate these and other data sets in the coming months.

    The Office of the Comptroller is a uniquely independent and apolitical overseer of more than $60 billion in governmental and other funding sources annually. In addition, the Comptroller oversees the Commonwealth’s expenditure and payroll management and major audit functions ensuring security, transparency, accountability, and service delivery across all branches of state government. The powers and obligations of the Comptroller are generally dictated by M.G.L. c.7A

    Tom Shack
    Comptroller of the Commonwealth