• Comptroller Intranet

    The dedicated site for State Employees offering access to:

    • Enterprise applications including MMARS and HR/CMS
    • MMARS Job Aids categorized by business function
    • Training opportunities and self-registration
    • Vendor Lookup
    • Reports for departments and much more.

    (Access is limited to Commonwealth employees within MAGNet.)

  • Guidance for CFOs

    Financial Officers and The Comptroller of the Commonwealth are PARTNERS in Sound Financial Management.

    To assist Chief Fiscal Officers with the critical role of managing business in compliance with State Finance Law, we have compiled a CFO Playbook that includes all the items we provide in a binder for new CFOs when we conduct new CFO Orientation.

    Please do not hesitate to contact the CTR Help Desk 617-973-2468 or via email Comptroller.Info@State.MA.US with any questions

  • Training

    Commonwealth employees with financial and payroll responsibilities in MMARS/LCM, HR/CMS, or other enterprise systems can take advantage of training offered by the Office of the Comptroller. Participation and access to some information on this page is limited to employees with a UAID to one or more of the following systems; MMARS/LCM, HRCMS, and the Commonwealth Information Warehouse (CIW).

  • Fiscal Year Updates

    Fiscal Year Updates are policy/procedure memos issued for a specific fiscal year. These memos include subjects such as fringe benefit rates, late penalty interest, fiscal year opening, etc.

  • Job Aids

    Job Aids are posted on the Comptroller Intranet and access is limited to Commonwealth employees within MAGNet.

  • Close and Open Information

    This page provides the key information about the Closing and Opening of the Fiscal Years.
  • Help Desk

    The Comptroller manages a Help Desk to assist departments and vendors with use of the MMARS application.
  • Daily MMARS News

  • Comptroller Weekly eUpdates

  • Internal Controls

    Under Chapter 647 of the Acts of 1989, the Comptroller is responsible for developing internal control guidelines for Commonwealth departments.