• Close/Open Meeting

    2017 Close/Open Presentation  (available inside state government only)

    CTR Annual Compliance Calendar - Close/Open Key Dates FY2017-FY2018

    The CTR Annual Compliance Calendar xlsx format of CTR Annual Compliance Calendar
replaces the traditional, now retired, Close / Open Instruction Handbook. All of the information you need to easily navigate the annual processes encountered at this time of year has been moved to this interactive calendar. 

    This calendar can be filtered to fit your needs.  Filter by one or more of the column keys:  task, day and datebusiness functiontask, and whether an item is Informational or Actionable.  Links to appropriate job aids and forms are quickly referenced from specific tasks for detailed action steps.

    The calendar is a living document and will be continuously updated throughout the year – searchable as well with last updated date column.  We will publish any changes to the calendar in the weekly eUpdate.

    Detailed instructions can be found in the “Calendar Intro” Tab in the bottom left corner of the file.

    For the best user experience access the calendar online xlsx format of CTR Annual Compliance Calendar
 and ensure the most up-to-date information.