Comptroller Fiscal Year Memo Letter Head


To:Legislative Leadership, Judicial Branch Administrators, Elected Officials, Secretariats, Department Heads, Chief Fiscal Officers, General Counsels and Payroll Directors
From:Martin J. Benison, Comptroller
Date:December 28, 2009
Re:Fraud Prevention Training

Comptroller Memo

Executive Summary

As part of The Office of the Comptroller's mission to assure taxpayers that their funds are expended as intended, a number of fraud prevention efforts were launched. These efforts continue with the development of a Fraud Awareness and Prevention Training. This training has been designed to raise awareness of fraud risks and methods for prevention. Departments are urged to send staff to this training

We need to remind employees of the competing responsibilities of treating taxpayers as customers while simultaneously maintaining a skeptical eye for those who are attempting to defraud us. As technology continues to provide us with new tools to do our jobs, it provides those who would defraud us with these same tools. Information security competes with hackers who try to break into our systems. Social engineers will link bits of public information into a web of lies that will make them appear credible. They will attempt to use our employees to defraud us.

All of us must play a role in combating fraud, waste and abuse. Training is another tool that can be used effectively to ensure employees have a heightened awareness to prevent, detect and respond to fraud. Please review the RapidPortal - Training/Meeting/e-Learning Schedule and encourage staff to register for one of the upcoming sessions.

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