Comptroller Fiscal Year Memo Letter Head

To:                  Legislative Leadership, Judicial Branch Administrators, Elected Officials, Secretariats, Department Heads 
                       Chief Fiscal Officers, and Single Audit Liaisons

From:              Martin J. Benison, Comptroller

Date:               June 20, 2013

Subject:           New Legislative Reporting Requirements for Federal Grants

Comptroller Memo FY#2013-28

Executive Summary

The purpose of this memo is to advise departments of quarterly information that must be provided to the Comptroller’s Office to comply with legislative mandates pertaining to federal grants reporting.

Recent revisions to M.G.L. Chapter 29, Section 6B require the Office of the Comptroller to report quarterly to the House and Senate Committees on Ways and Means on the status of federal funds applied for, received and expended. To comply with this mandate, the Comptroller’s Office will gather pertinent information from departments regarding the status of federal funds applied for and compile quarterly expenditure reports via data from the state accounting system (MMARS) regarding the status of federal funds received and expended.

This data collection will be folded into a coordinated process based on new regulations, policies and procedures to be issued by the Office of the Comptroller, in consultation with the Secretary of Administration and Finance, per the revisions to Chapter 29, Section 6B, relating to federal grants.  It is expected that this process will be in place for the upcoming fiscal year, along with a revision to ANF Bulletin #3, Federal Grants Administration and elimination of the Joint Committee on Veteran & Federal Affairs form submission, as the requirement to notify the Committee of federal grants applied for was abolished as part of the Chapter 29 revision.

Departments should complete the enclosed template regarding the status of federal funds applied for beginning with the start of the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year through May 31, 2013.  It is each department chief fiscal officer’s responsibility to ensure compliance with this reporting requirement.  Departments should take steps to ensure that all applicable funds that have been applied for, including newly announced federal funds, existing grant award requests for increase, and federal funds applied for that were not awarded are included in the spreadsheet.  Departments are expected to update this information at least quarterly throughout the fiscal year. This form should be maintained in your department files as a reference for any subsequent review by the Office of the Comptroller and the Executive Office for Administration and Finance.

Please complete the Federal Grants Status form located in the General Outbound (Common Access) section of PartnerNet  Please return it no later than 07/09/2013 by uploading it to the Comptroller’s General Inbound Box on PartnerNet.  Instructions for using PartnerNet to upload and complete the Federal Grants Status form are included.  Note: The form should be uploaded by ALL departments to PartnerNet even if your Department currently has not applied for any federal grants.

All CFOs and GAAP Liaisons have access to upload the confirmation form to PartnerNet.  CFOs can designate other department personnel to upload the Federal Grants Reporting Form on PartnerNet.  Department Security Officers can request access for additional users by submitting a PartnerNet Security Request Form.  Individuals needing access to PartnerNet to upload the form will be processed as soon as possible.

For further assistance, please contact Taneka Simmons, Director of Federal Grants & Cost Allocation Bureau at 617-973-2606.

PartnerNet Instruction  doc format of PartnerNet Instruction
Legislative Reporting Requirements for Federal Grants Form  xls format of Legislative Reporting Requirements for Federal Grants

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