Comptroller letterhead

To:                   Chief Fiscal Officers and MMARS Liaisons

From:              Jeffrey Shapiro, First Deputy Comptroller

Date:               September 18, 2017

Subject:           FY2018 HR/CMS Chargeback

Comptroller Memo FY#2018-07

Executive Summary

This memo provides guidance and information regarding the Office of the Comptroller (CTR) and Human Resources Division (HRD) joint administrative HR/CMS chargeback for FY2018 to support the payroll and HR operations of the human resources /compensation management system for the Commonwealth.

This chargeback was established to cover the cost of the business and functional resources needed to support the ongoing maintenance and operations of the Human Resources /Compensation Management System (HR/CMS) for the Commonwealth.  Central management activities and oversight of HR/CMS, provided by CTR and HRD include payroll processing, time and attendance, maintenance of positions, budgetary accounting, training, tax reporting, and collective bargaining.  The Commonwealth made a commitment to keep current with the product changes so that we would not fall behind in supported versions, and implement new features and functionality on a regular schedule.  This work requires that the patches, bundles, tax updates, fixes and enhancements be applied to the system.  Maintaining and/or creating of e-learning, job aids, resource documents, new defensive queries, data clean-up, creating of test scripts and testing which are ongoing activities of CTR and HRD.

For FY18 management of this joint administrative chargeback has been transitioned to the Office of the Comptroller.  This chargeback is allocated on actual FY2017 paychecks for your agency and is for the period from July 2017 to June 2018.  Agencies are charged a proportional share of the authorized chargeback based on their usage.  The FY2018 chargeback will be billed at $1,879,200.00.  The attached spreadsheet has the breakdown for your reference.

An IE (CTRHRCMSFY18CHRGBACK) has been established for your FY2018 bill based on FY2017 actual paycheck counts.  Review and approve your department’s IE to final status.

Bi-monthly bills will be issued and agencies will be notified via e-mail.  The document ID standard for FY2018 will be CTRHRCMSFY18CHRGBACK for the July/August period.  An abbreviation of the period represented in the billing will be included is subsequent bills.

Please forward this memo to the appropriate staff at your agency.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Sheppard at 617.973.2666 or Christine Scott at 617.878.9716.

Enc.  FY2018 Chargeback xlsx format of 2018 HRCMS Chargeback

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