Below is a list of forms most frequently used by vendors. The Department will provide direction to the Vendor when a form is to be submitted. For a complete list of forms, go to the forms page of this web site.

FormsPosted Date
Change in Contractor Identity Form  doc format of Change in Contractor Identity Form
Commonwealth Terms and Conditions doc format of comm_TermsConditions.doc
pdf format of                             comm_TermsConditions.pdf                6/15/2004
Commonwealth Terms and Conditions for Human and Social Services Form  doc format of Terms & Conditions for Human & Social Services
Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing Form  docx format of Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing Form
pdf format of                             casl-form.pdf                 10/19/2016
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Sign-up Form11/18/2009
Employment Status Form doc format of Employment_Status_Form.doc
pdf format of                             Employment_Status_Form.pdf                11/1/2005
Settlement and Release Form doc format of Settlement_and_Release.doc
pdf format of                             Settlement_and_Release.pdf                2/22/2005
Standard Contract Form and Instructions doc format of standard_contract_frm.doc
pdf format of                             standard_contract_frm.pdf                3/21/2014
Subsidy Agreement  doc format of Subsidy Agreement
pdf format of                             Subsidy Agreement PDF                10/1/2014
W9 Form doc format of newMass_W9.doc
pdf format of                             newMass_W9.pdf                4/1/2009