Below are links to policies frequently used by vendors. To see a complete list of Comptroller policies, please go to the Policies page.

PoliciesPosted Date
Amendments, Suspensions, or Terminations doc format of po_procon_amendments_suspen_term.doc
pdf format of                             Amendments Suspensions Terminations                11/19/2014
Bill Paying Policy doc format of po_ap_commonwealth_bill_paying.doc
pdf format of                             po_ap_commonwealth_bill_paying.pdf                5/20/2011
Commodities and Services doc format of po_procon_goods_services.doc
pdf format of                             po_procon_goods_services.pdf                11/1/2006
Contractor Authorized Signatory Listing doc format of po_procon_contract_author_sign_list-casl.doc
pdf format of                             po_procon_contract_author_sign_list-casl.pdf                11/1/2006
Individual Contractors: Contract Employees vs. Independent Contractors docx format of Individual Contractors: Employees vs. Independent
Prompt Payment Discounts doc format of po_ap_prompt_payment_discounts.doc
pdf format of                             po_ap_prompt_payment_discounts.pdf                 5/20/2011
Retainage doc format of po_procon_contract_retainage.doc
pdf format of                             po_procon_contract_retainage.pdf                11/1/2006
State Finance Law and General Requirements doc format of po_procon_state_finan_law_gen_con_req.doc
pdf format of                             po_procon_state_finan_law_gen_con_req.pdf                5/20/2011
State Grants, Federal Sub-Grants and Subsidies  doc format of State Grants, Federal Sub-Grants and Subsidies
pdf format of                             State Grants, Federal Sub-Grants and Subsidies PDF                9/8/2014
Vendor/Customer File and W9s doc format of po_ap_vendor_Customer_w9.doc
pdf format of                             po_ap_vendor_Customer_w9.pdf                5/20/2011

Please see the Procurement Information Center on the Operational Services Division's web site for more information.