• Financial Reports

    A comprehensive listing of reports the Comptroller's office is required by law to produce on a yearly basis.
  • Legislatively Mandated Reports

    The Comptroller's Office is required to submit periodic reports to the Legislature. This section contains those reports as they are issued.
  • Research and Statistics

    Commonwealth Stabilization Fund,  Commonwealth Employees,  Commonwealth Statistics, and  Cities and Towns

  • Forms

    A complete listing of Comptroller forms by functional area.
  • Policies

    The Office of the Comptroller defines policy as rules or guidelines for departments issued by the Comptroller, in order to conform to legal or regulatory requirements for handling revenue and expense, and other areas of financial oversight. Policy instructs Commonwealth departments on what should or should not be done in order to accomplish a Comptroller objective or requirement, to conform to law, and/or meet a specific accounting requirement. The policies contain relevant information such as related procedures, legal authority, regulations, attachments, links, and contact information.
  • Regulations

    A list of regulations that apply to the fiscal transactions of all Commonwealth departments unless otherwise specified in the regulation.