Comptroller Fiscal Year Memo Letter Head

June 3, 2013

Secretary Glen Shor
Executive Office of Administration and Finance

The Honorable Stephen M. Brewer, Chairman
Senate Committee on Ways and Means

The Honorable Brian S. Dempsey, Chairman
House Committee on Ways and Means

Dear Secretary Shor, Chairmen Brewer and Dempsey:

In accordance with the requirement in Sections 1A and 1B of Chapter 139 of the Acts of 2012 (the FY2013 General Appropriation Act), I am submitting the comparison of Actual Revenue Collections to Budget for the third quarter of FY 2013.

This report details actual revenue collections based on amounts accounted for in the official books and records of the Commonwealth-MMARS, as of March 31, 2013 for FY 2013.  Certain revenues are collected on a seasonal basis.  There may be other fluctuations as well.  Thus, a gross mathematical extrapolation of twelve months of revenue activity may be misleading.

Additional detail is available in various MMARS reports and will be furnished upon request.

Respectfully transmitted

Martin J. Benison


Attachment: Fiscal Year 2013 as of March 31<sup>st</sup> Tax and Non-Tax Revenue worksheets xls format of 1A-1B FY2013 Q3 attch

Emme Schultz, Budget Director, ANF
Samuel Goldhar, Budget Director, House Ways and Means
Douglas Howgate, Budget Director, Senate Ways and Means.