Comptroller letterhead

April 18, 2017

Chairman Brian S. Dempsey
House Ways & Means Committee
State House, Room 243
Boston, MA  02133

Chairwoman Karen Spilka
Senate Ways & Means Committee
State House, Room 212
Boston, MA  02133

Dear Chairman Dempsey and Chairwoman Spilka:

In accordance with the requirement in M.G.L. Chapter 29, Section 6B I am submitting a quarterly report on the status of federal funds applied for, received and expended.

This report details the status of federal grants received and expended in the third quarter of fiscal year 2017.



Thomas G. Shack III, Esq.
Comptroller of the Commonwealth

Enc:        Legislative Reporting Requirements for Federal Grants—FY17 Q3 xlsx format of FY17 Q3 Legislative Federal Grants Reporting.xlsx

cc:           Kristen Lepore, Secretary, ANF
               Martha Walsh, Assistant Secretary, ANF
               Catharine Hornby, Assistant Secretary for Budget, ANF
               Justin Sterrit, Budget Director, HWM
               Adriana Campos, Budget Director, SWM
               Howard Merkowitz, Deputy Comptroller, CTR
               Timothy O’Neill, Acting General Accounting Bureau Director, CTR
               Catherine Quan, General Accounting Unit Manager, CTR